What is Artificial Intelligence?

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The word on everybody’s lips

Artificial intelligence (AI) is much more than just a buzzword. In a world where marketers are continuously looking for improved consumer personalisation and solid marketing ROIs, AI helps by giving that high degree of precision and targeting that, for humans, is just not feasible. There is no doubt that there is a clear correlation between the rise of AI in the media and marketing and the increasing improvements in technology.  AI takes away the need to spend resources on lower level processes that can actually be carried out by a machine. It helps the marketer make more intelligent decisions as it is able to analyse data patterns and deliver results not humanly possible.

The role of data in AI

When data sets are integrated, such as first or third party data, within AI, the increasingly sophisticated algorithms absorb that new-found knowledge and not only respond to changes better, but can also create changes, instantly. AI machines work best if they are given lots of data that helps them understand what criteria achieves the goal. The AI machine can learn from that data and be better at predicting how to get to the goal.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Using AI:

While AI may mean artificial intelligence, many say there’s nothing artificial about it.  Instead, it’s a more adaptive intelligence which can be suited to advertisers’ needs and wants. When AI analytics are combined with human judgement, machine automation is able to create a far more personalised and relevant experience for consumers. AI learning uses first and third party data to make the best recommendation possible in real time – after each new click – all with the aim of creating some sort of conversion or acquisition. When it works (e.g. a sale is made) it will remember you, so that when it encounters another visitor who has similar patterns, it knows how to act accordingly, and thus increase the likelihood of another sale.

To sum up:

AI is the intelligence that is shown by computers. As algorithms become increasingly more sophisticated, they can react and and adapt to changes much quicker than ever before.  The concept of computer intelligence relates to how machines learn through interaction with their environment how to best achieve a goal.

At Fibonad, using our own AI, we’ve more than seen the benefits with our clients and the positive effect it has on campaigns. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now to see how we can help make a difference.


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