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Fibonad - Leading the Advertising Transformation

intelligent Advertising in a Digital World


About us.

In the coming years, we will face unimaginable challenges in the world of Advertising. Most of them will come from technological advances but also from changes in end-user habits.

This will produce important adjustments in the advertising ecosystem in such a way that companies like Fibonad, with our sound knowledge in the field, together with our own tools and expertise, will be able to lead this advertising transformation.
David García Fuentes, CEO

Who we are.

Fibonad is a global advertising media company with a unique and proprietary technology running through its core. We provide clients both Branding and Performance solutions, supported by Data, Analytics and optimization platforms, as well as disposing of our own network of publishers.

What we have.

We have an extremely experienced team on board, with more than 300 experts in all marketing and advertising dimensions working throughout the world, shaping emerging digital industries in the company's international offices in three continents.

How we work.

We create long-term relationships with our clients, connecting with each and every one of them. Our holistic approach allows us to provide unique, customized solutions, whether it be mobile only or multiscreen. Intelligence and adaptability are values which run deep in our DNA.


With SunMedia, we provide Video Branding using the most innovative formats, which improve user experience and increase engagement.

Our AVA format allows us to reach the best viewability metrics in the market and we only work with premium, leading sites thanks to the Brand Safety model we use. Through our creative studio we create personalised interactive spots and exclusive animations, making campaigns much more impacting and attractive.

With mobusi, clients are able to reach their advertising goals thanks to the in-house technology we develop, as well as the various traffic sources we work with.

Our anti-fraud and AI technology means we are able to fight against ad fraud and obtain the highest ROI possible for clients. Not only this, but we increase their revenues, providing only exclusive offers and granting them access to a premium inventory of publishers.

Lab Cave is a mobile gaming company offering ASO, premium publishing and content providing services. So far, we have 300+ games in Google Play and App Store and generated more than 140 million organic downloads.

We also provide SMS Marketing services via Instasent. Clients can use our online platform where they’re able to send bulk SMS to more than 200 countries. Campaigns can be activated in just minutes, no software needed.




Fibonad Branding Services

Through SunMedia we offer integral management of digital advertising by means of video, developing all forms of digital communication (web, tablet, mobile and SmartTv) as well as storage, coding and management.

The company has a team of extremely skilled workers on board, with more than 15 years' experience in the digital world, having extensively collaborated with some of the most well-known companies in the sector.

Fibonad Performance Services

Through mobusi we offer advertisers the opportunity to reach their performance goals through a variety of traffic sources including direct publishers, media buying, RTB and affiliation.

It is one of the most valued mobile agencies worldwide, providing CPI, CPA, CPL and CPC campaigns for more than thousands of advertisers, agencies and developers.

Fibonad Publishing Services

Not only do we have a network of Premium Publishers on board, we go that one step further providing these services ourselves, through companies like Lab Cave and Instasent.

Lab Cave is a mobile games development company who reach more than 100 million downloads in one year all over the world. Instasent provides a 360 solution to SMEs (SMS, e-mailing) together with an online App building platform which allows anyone to build their own app within minutes, without needing a background in programming.


Upcoming Events.

We hit up the best events in the sector!

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We innovate, experiment and accelerate.

We are a mobile company with a growth ideology and we’re always looking for ways to improve our product and ourselves.


Fibonad is a global solutions media company with a unique and proprietary technology running through its core.

We provide clients both Branding and Performance solutions, supported by Data, Analytics and optimization platforms, as well as disposing of our own network of publishers.








Active Customers


Live Campaigns




Alberto Cenalmor Fibonad Chairman

Alberto Cenalmor


David García Fuentes Fibonad CEO

David García Fuentes


Antonio Figueroa Fibonad CFO

Antonio Figueroa


David García Fuentes Fibonad CEO

David García Fuentes




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Fibonad - Leading the Advertising Transformation
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