What is ads.txt?

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What is Ads.txt?

Ads.txt stands for Authorised Digital Sellers and allows publishers to add a text file to servers, which are then integrated into programmatic platforms.  It helps publishers communicate who is authorised to sell their inventory and also increases transparency for programmatic buyers.

It is a simple solution to the ever-present ad fraud issue, confusion and reselling of inventory without a publisher’s knowledge, something that has forever been plaguing the ecosystem.

So how does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler! A Publisher just needs to create a simple web page, for example: www.url.com/ads.txt.  On this page, there will be a list of demand partners, ad networks, resellers and companies that have been approved by the publisher to sell ad inventory.  It also shows the types of ads they are allowed to serve and if the demand is direct or resold.

Therefore, programmatic buyers purchase inventory only from pre-authorised sellers.  DSPs are then able collect all the ads.txt files available.  They can check whether or not there is corresponding entry in the ads.txt file for the publisher and adjust their bid accordingly.

What is ads.txt Fibonad

What are the benefits?

  • Increased transparency
  • Accurate representation of inventory
  • Removes counterfeit inventory from the ecosystem
  • Preserves CPMs and inventory scarcity
  • Decreased revenue for fraudsters

What happens if a publisher does not implement ads.txt?

If a publisher does not implement ads.txt, it is assumed that anyone is authorised to sell their inventory. As ads.txt is adopted throughout the industry, this could be problematic for sellers as buyers could decide to use ads.txt to dictate their buying behavior and only buy from authorised sellers.

Moving forward

Ads directed to fraudulent sites should affect a publisher’s credibility. But this will only affect ad sales if buyers choose to blacklist sites who haven’t put in place basic measures of protection. It is up to advertisers to stick with publishers that can be trusted – not simply because we recognise the name of a brand but because the site has proven itself by taking the necessary steps to help eradicate fraud. Digital isn’t going anywhere. And as adtech works hard to fight this ever-occurring problem of transparency and move word, we must collaborate together.

Why not trust a company who does implement ads.txt?  We monetise video inventory for more than 5,000 sites worldwide. So go on, what are you waiting for?

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