Increase sales this Black Friday with a top SMS campaign.

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It’s probably the most important shopping day of the year and with Black Friday looming, there’s no better way to reach your customers than with an SMS.  Consumers are more connected than ever and constantly attached to their phones.  As mobile commerce only continues to increase, SMS + Black Friday = A match made in heaven.

So what should you keep in mind for this coming Black Friday when using SMS to reach customers?

  1. Personalise your messages.

Make your client feel special and wanted.  Take actions like including their name so they don’t feel like it’s just a random campaign or a spam message and are more likely to click on the Call to Action.

  1. Time is money.

When should you programme your SMS for?  You don’t want your message to be ignored nor considered an annoyance, so plan it carefully.  Mornings (08:00-12:00) or when people are arriving at work and checking their phone or early evenings (17:00-21:00) when customers are perhaps relaxing, are considered ideal times to send a message.

  1. Black Friday Instasent FibonadAdd Discount

The user is looking to see why you’re contacting them and wants to see the discount code as part of your message.  It is the main factor that will drive them towards your web and encourage them to convert and purchase so make sure you don’t forget it!

  1. Keep the message short and sweet

You’ve got 160 characters to entice your user and pull them in, so create a message that hits them hard. Don’t go off on a tangent, always keeping in mind the five Ws.

  • What: Discount code
  • Who: Your Brand
  • Where: On your web
  • When: Black Friday, the weekend and Cyber Monday
  • How: By using your discount code
  • Why: Black Friday
  1. Connect your texts with other marketing channels

Don’t be afraid to cross-promote.  Social media, e-mail marketing and SMS all have similar characteristics so reworking your discounts and promos on each channel can help boost response and awareness of your brands offerings on Black Friday.

Now that Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are approaching, your customers are ready and waiting to spend their money. Make sure they spend that money with you rather than with a competitor.

Cyber Monday Instasent Fibonad

How do you achieve this? Working with an SMS Marketing company you can trust, like Instasent.  This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re offering a 10% discount in your campaigns! All you have to do is top up your account, insert the code INSTABF17 or INSTACM17 and you can really take advantage of your campaigns!


Contact us for more details!

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