Digital Advertising Tips for the Rest of 2017.

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There’s only four months left of 2017 and this year was expected to be a game changer in the world of digital advertising and bring about many changes.   It certainly has lived up to that expectation.  So, with just four months left of this year, take a look at our top tips to get the most out of your campaigns.

The user knows best

Whatever you produce should focus on the client.  They, after all, are the final user and evolving every day, catching on and expecting more from advertisers.  We should think about their experience and what they would like to see. The key here is ensuring that they remain at the focal point of all campaigns.

Stay Native

Yes, Native was expected to be big this year.  It still is and will get even bigger.  Native is related to the customer’s experience at the end of the day.  Regarding mobile, native will see a more video/visual outlook, as the user changes, wishing to see more alluring, engaging content.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the word on everybody’s lips at the moment.  It is the science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans.  Machine Learning is a type of AI –the ability for a computer to  do something that it wasn’t programmed to do.  Focusing on AI is crucial as it allows us to better understand the user and create advertising campaigns around them.


Programmatic in overdrive

Inevitably, programmatic continues to grow.  It allows targeting across very specific customer segments and therefore makes campaigns more effective and customers are more likely to engage. Recently, there has been a rise in studying digital advertising placements in correlation with private marketplaces and direct buys.  Taking advantage of data rich audiences across multiple devices and platforms, with AI creating complex algorithms, allows us to access information about the user and their habits and will hopefully deliver something of value.

Data Data Data

Data is still increasingly important.  Funnelling 1st party data into a DMP is key, but so too, is looking for other ways to use data to improve technology and ultimately the relationship with advertisers. Within data, location data and targeting can help drive greater revenue and improve the performance of campaigns.

So there you have just a handful of top trends and tips for the remainder of 2017.  At Fibonad, we offer many services, seeing us keep up with these already existing yet up-and-coming trends.  Why not get in touch to see what we offer!

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