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At Fibonad, we spur companies on and enjoy watching them grow.   But we are also intent on keeping our clients satisfied.   That is why we offer them such a wide range of services to ensure that we lead the global advertising revolution.

 So how do we do it?


We are able to provide clients Branding services thanks to SunMedia.  Offering the most innovative formats with Always Visible Ads (AVA) to boost user experience and engagement, through our Brand Safe model, we are able to offer the best viewability metrics in the market.  Our data and analytical tools allow us to study the audience to reach the best target possible, as well as working with a long list of Premium Publishers.  SunMedia has recently become the top video advertising company in Spain after reaching first place in Audience Reach, according to Comscore’s May data. We have a workforce with more than 15 years’ experience in the digital world, having extensively collaborated with some of the most well-known companies in the sector at a global level.

Fibonad Services


With, mobusi, we are able to give clients the solution of performance advertising.   Mobusi is a technology media company with a mobile-first and performance mindset, allowing Advertisers and Publishers alike to reach and smash their goals.  Mobusi has every ad format available: from Native, Video, Playable, Interstitial and Banner, the list goes on.  Giving clients the option of running campaigns on all performance models, clients are provided with all options to make the most out of their campaigns.  Working with their own publisher network as well as affiliation and media-buying sources, the company has been able to position themselves as one of the most renowned performance advertising agencies in the game.


Aside from working with a wide range of premium Publishers, we also offer that service ourselves, through companies Lab Cave and Upplication.  Lab Cave Games is our mobile games development company, dedicated to creating the most fun, engaging games for users on both IOS and Android.  Creating mobile games of all kinds, including casual, simulation, strategy and racing games, Lab Cave has seen many of its games highlighted by Apple in more than 140 countries. Upplication is an online App building platform which allows anyone to build their own app within minutes, without needing a background in programming.  That’s right, Upplication does all the hard work for you! It is the perfect platform for SMEs looking for ways to expand their business.

So, if you’re interested in any of our top class services, why not get in touch!

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