Fibonad named one of Spain’s Top Ten Companies.

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Fibonad has featured in CEPYME’s list of the 500 best Spanish companies, being shortlisted among the top 10.

As sector leaders in Branding, Performance and Publishing, we were included in CEPMYME500‘s list as one of the top companies currently leading business growth in Spain.  The project, launched by the CEPYME confederation, selects companies that stand out in terms of their results in the last few years, as well as their ability to create employment, for their innovation and their international growth.

We have stood out in the list thanks to our ability to create employment as well as the global position.  To appear in the list, the companies had to comply with a series of requisites and criteria in terms of billing, sustainable growth, size and rentability, something which has been rigorously evaluated by CEPYME.

Selection Process

When it came to the process of selecting the 500 companies, the decision makers had to keep in mind that the companies were active and limited with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) above 15% over the last 3 years.

The selection process was weighed up as follows: 40% growth in Sales, 30% Financial Situation, 20% Internationalization and 10% Innovation.

CEPYME President, Antonio Garamendi, explained that the company’s mission is to “strengthen the growth of these companies by using best practices in corporate management, digitalization and expansion in international markets.

For our CEO, David Garcia Fuentes, he has stated that it is a great honour to form part of CEPYME500, since that it proves we are on the right way to success and doing things right.  There are many big-name companies forming part of this list and therefore, at the same time, it’s a big responsibility for us, something that will only help us to keep growing and improving!

So here’s to more success for Fibonad!




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