6 Advertising Trends you can’t ignore this 2019.

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2019 is upon us and with it the opportunity to take a step back and have a look at what is happening in the advertising industry and what the future holds.

The truth is that this year, the industry will not be making experiments on which we do not know their effectiveness, but instead they will bet their efforts on strengthening the already existing technology.

Take a look at the trends to consider this 2019 according to advertising experts from Fibonad:


Have you ever wondered what would happen if every dollar that you spent in advertising was used to reach those consumers that have a real interest in your product or service? This is when programmatic buying comes in.

In countries like the US and UK, programmatic buying has reached around 85% of the total investment in digital advertising and, although there is still a big gap in countries like Spain or China where the total spent has only reached 36% and 29% respectively, the prediction for 2019 is that this numbers will keep growing in big steps.

This market gap, along with fraud prevention, has inspired DSPs like Lazarus to innovate on technology that permits advertisers and agencies from all over the world to reach their highest demands.


The junction between App Store Optimization (ASO) and User Acquisition has become complementary strategies for app optimum growth.

Instead of spending millions of dollars on acquiring new and low quality users for your app, Lab Cave experts suggest concentrating a big part of the marketing efforts on ASO, which is a positioning strategy for mobile applications to achieve greater visibility.

With ASO, the conversion rates from visit-to-install will dramatically improve, therefore, user acquisition campaigns will decrease their average cost per app download, which in return, will unfreezes more marketing budget.


Many studies have confirmed that consumers trust influencers’ opinions just as much as the opinions of friends and family.

Due to the small number of followers (1.000-10.000) that micro influencers have, they are able to interact with them in a more effective and reachable way, and even though the comments and number of shares is lower than a mega Influencer, their influence is still more tangible and easier to measure.

If you are ready to fit micro influencer marketing into your advertising strategy, you will want to know more about Influensi, the only marketplace that connects micro influencers and advertisers in a single platform. It allows micro influencers to monetize their campaigns on social media, while allowing brands to choose the influencers that best fit their strategy.


Now, more than ever, video advertising is revolutionizing the modern web, thanks to personal mobile devices and high-speed internet connections, in a way that didn’t seem possible 15 years ago. And it doesn’t seem likely to stop any time soon.

According to eMarketer, in US alone, the total ad spend in mobile video will rise from $15.93 billion in 2018 to $24.81 billion by 2022.

In addition, companies like SunMedia are betting for a model that is evolving towards Cost per Thousand Visible Impressions (VCPM), where advertisers only pay for the impressions they actually see.  


2019 brings with itself an ongoing battle against fraud, according to a recent study, double digit ad fraud rates will keep on increasing.

But the truth is that the digital industry has finally reached maturity and it’s finally capable of playing by the same rules than other businesses. On one side, authorities are getting tough on ad fraud and it won’t be long before we see some consequences and, on the other side, ad fraud has lead to more sophisticated technology to stop fraudulent actions.

Platforms like Advertiser Defender or Check Lynx are focusing on defending publishers and advertisers from becoming victims of this controversy.


According to a recent study, SMS marketing gets better response rates than many other marketing strategies such as email marketing. The study shows that text messages open rates revolve around 82%, while including a URL, the click through rate goes up to 36%. It’s no wonder why SMS marketing is a trend that is not likely to change any time soon.

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